WEIGHT: 75-105 pounds
HEIGHT: 24-28 inches
COAT: Moderately short, smooth
COLOR: Black, black/tan saddled,
OTHER NAMES: Byelorussian Owtcharka
GROUP: Herding

These dogs are very similar in the aspect to a dog of shepherd German and developed directly of the GSDs brought to the Soviet Union in years 20. Later during a century fourth of selection, especially so that the animal support the Russian climate, the chaste one is differently different from the shepherd met in the west.

Although at the outset centered in Belarus and the far western provinces of the USSR, the EESKC it has millares of members Russia throughout today. He is at the moment chaste the main one in the USSR. The dogs of this chaste one often have smooth hair more length in the ears, the neck, the members and the tail. One says that their Russian owners rotate undercoat wooly of cashmerelike for the use in clothes. It is a resistant, aggressive, favorite protector dog of the KGB. For having of Kremlin, the KGB insists on solid black. If only a small dog of another color whelped, destroys the whole bunk, and the young does not repeat itself. The deprived criadores, nevertheless, allow more latitude in color.

The eyes can be brown, amber, blue or uneven-eyed. The ears are long and vertical, and the legs are great with the long toes, giving an aspect of the racket. The owners compare their temperament to the one of a Pinscher of the Doberman. The handful that is in other areas of the world has happened of contraband outside Eastern Germany. A photo that accompanied an article by Enid Bergstrom in the application of the February of 1983 the world of the dog demonstrated them to be square of small piece in longer body and in muzzle than the majority of the shepherds modern Germans.