HEIGHT: 22-28 inches
COAT: Short and silky,
COLOR: Tan, or black/tan
OTHER NAMES: Mid-Asiatic Borzoi
GROUP: Southern

The Borzoi, or Russian Galgo, is possibly most aristocratic of all the dogs of race. A high and thin dog, of very elegant bearing. This era the dog that the Russian czars and noble used to hunt wolves. Each family having their own young or lineage, some of them got to have up to 150 of these magnificent dogs at a certain moment.

This is one of the races of galgos. Its development was for the persecution hunting, using the view like main sense. Between its prey of they included the hares and the wolves, which provides an idea with the speed, agility and force to us that east dog has.

Its calm character and beauty allowed him to be part of the most beautiful palaces constructed by the man. Its ability also reserved a very prestigious place to him in the open fields. In the circle of competitions, first places are many those that it has conquered.

This race is original of Russia. Esteem that has been the one of the races of galgos of the Middle East or perhaps Sloughi (or Arab Galgo) that crossed a dog of long hair thing that could resist the cold climate of Russia. One knows that already in century XVII he was employee in the hunting and the race was jealously bred. One took to him to England in 1875, arriving at the United States in 1889.

Several lineages in this race existed, arriving to demonstrate certain varieties to each other. All these ancestries, except which we know in the present, possibly disappeared.