HEIGHT: 21-27 inches
COAT: Short
COLOR: Red, tricolor with ticks
GROUP: Hound

Hard arrogant, the black Coonhound and fire have the long head and well provided, the skull is oval, of stop half, the nose is black and the open windows. The jaws are strong and the round eyes and of dark color. The ears are taken péndulas and the neck is long and with papada. Deep and bent chest, heavy and firm plants, of straight and strong back. Long tail and in end. Coat: Short and dense hair. Color: Black with fire spots. He is obedient, affectionate, of a noble temperament. It is an excellent dog of hunting and very good collector.

Cazador of the raccoon, can be found him in thick or forest regions. He is insensible to the climate and an excellent animal of company. He is not very sociable and it needs a constant exercise and a daily activity. Its training has to be firm and serious.