WEIGHT: 40-60 pounds
HEIGHT: 18-23 inches
COAT: Long with coarse, dense hair; short on face, skull and legs
COLOR: Black or tan, tricolor, sable and white, black and white
GROUP: Herding

The English Shepherd is a race of work for farm. It is good like shepherd of different species from cattle, good hunter, and can learn to throw of cars. They work or by single them or low supervision. They are active, good with the children which makes good guardians. These versatile dogs were developed from Collies, Border Collies and other races of work.

One thinks that the English Shepherd is similar to the sheepdogs who accompanied to the Romans towards the British Islands. The farmers appreciate much the agility and the great delivery of this dog to their work and the devotion that have the family to him. The long hair of this race can well be maintained with cepillado three times per week. The English Shepherd is barren, sensitive and intelligent ideals for an active family who him of the sufficient love and the sufficient exercise.