COUNTRY: Great Britain
WEIGHT: 49-55 pounds
HEIGHT: 19-20 inches
COAT: Straight
COLOR: Black/white, liver/white,
GROUP: Gun Doga

The Springer English Spaniel (in English English Springer Spaniel) is a traditional race of dog of hunting, used to raise and to reclaim prey. He is one of the diverse varieties of spaniels.

The Springer English Spaniel is one of the oldest races of spaniels, appearing in paintings from century XVII. He is possibly the ancestor of the majority of spaniels modern. The Springer Spaniels and Cocker Spaniels were not recognized like separated races but until century XIX.

The Springer English Spaniel is an active dog, alerts, intelligent and impatient, which makes a companion ideal to hunt.

Also, it is a dog easy to train, affectionate and near. Usually it is become attached to his owner. Although it is good with the children, being able for being a very good mascot, tends to own an average energy level to stop.

This race is generally good with other domestic animal, such as cats and ferrets, but, in certain situations, can not tolerate dogs of the same sex. Nevertheless, the Springer English Spaniel is not advisable for homes with birds like domestic animal, due to its natural instinct to hunt. Like with all the races, the dogs must get to be accustomed to other domestic animal and is better to introduce in house two domestic animal when they are both very young.