WEIGHT: 44-55 pounds
HEIGHT: 21-24 inches
COAT-; Flat/straight,
COLOR: White/liver markings
OTHER NAMES: French Spaniel
GROUP: Gun Dog

It descends from a bloodhound of the Average Age that was let surround in the hunting with a network. In century XVIII a race with preference to the hunting went of the partridge. It happened through a decay because of the English dogs and was saved in century XVI by a hunting clergyman who dedicated itself to the young of hunting dogs.

Elegant and powerful, the French Epañeul hard has the extended head and, of round skull, of testuz convex and stop clearly, with a well abierta brown truffle and. The ears long, round and are taken péndulas. The eyes are great and of dark color. Of wide and deep chest, straight, short and musculado kidney. The solid members, of wide thighs. The tail is low and provided of strips of hairs. Coat: Length, flexible, smooth and little wave. Color: Target with brown spots.

Docile and calm, it is an animal appreciated by his company, since very it is become attached to his master. Addict to its masters and bellwether for the deal with the children. He is intelligent, audacious, versatile, active and brave.

Used like hunter, he is methodical and perseverante, skilful in all the lands and mainly in the difficult ones, like in scrubs and marshes. It looks for well in the water by his good sense of smell and is a good collector. Appreciated for being an pleasant dog of company. Taken care of: During his education it is upset if it is spoken to him hard or without well-taken care of and his sense of smell it reaches great distances.

It is considered, by his dowries, a great hunter, equipped with an optimal endurance. The nutritional needs in the adult unit, considered like ration of maintenance, vary between the 1,100 and the 1,300 Kcal. daily.