WEIGHT: 40-53 pounds
HEIGHT: 20-23 inches
COAT: Long, wavy, topknot on head, smooth face
COLOR: Solid liver, liver and white with or without ticking in the white
OTHER NAMES: Pont-Audemer Spaniel
GROUP: Gun Dog

This race, created in century XIX, would descend from an old Epagneul of the region of Pont-Audemer (department of Eure, France) cruzado with the Spaniel de Irish Agua.

It is probable that it has received contributions of blood of Epagneul Picard and perhaps of Barbet. Already very rare at the beginning of century XX, at the moment few units exist very.

Compact and vigorous dog, rather “VOC”. Nasal cane: it releases in the middle with a prominencia. Nose: brown, advancing clearly in front of the lip, rather pointed.

Redondo and developed in the part superior, crest prominent occipital, rather round sidewalls, that are united with the nasal cane in a weak angle, although the separation is marked, the forehead rises towards tupé that must well be curled and be located upon the skull, leaving the cleared forehead.

Color dark amber or countersinks, rather small, fitted well in the orbits; frank and good glance.

Of medium thickness, flat, implanted rather a little low, so that they leave the cheeks free, long and provided of flecos lengths very cleared that are united with tupé to form a pretty wig that frames the head.

A little bent, net, well muscular, finely articulated with the head and solidly with shoulders.

Strong, long, oblique shoulders, tightened to its tie point with the spine. Strong and muscular arms.

Deep, wide chest, descending totally around the birth of the elbow; long, salient ribs, last the next one to the hip. Straight or slightly convex back. Quite short, wide, solid, muscular back. Salient hips and arriving around the back. Grupa very slightly cants.