WEIGHT: 60-105 pounds
HEIGHT: 20-27 inches
COAT: 3-6 inches, thick/lots of undercoat
COLOR: Any color
OTHER NAMES: Husky, Esquimaux, Canadian Eskimo Dog
GROUP: Northern

The Canadian Eskimo Dog is a dog of natural sleigh of the north of Canada. Possibly this he is one of the dogs most tolerant to the cold. He is extremely resistant like dog of sleigh in winter and dog of load in summer; managing just a short time to take much weight by long distances in considerable. Reason for which it has been used in the Arctic and Antarctic explorations. In the present he is one of the favorite dogs in the races of sleighs.

This was originated to the north of Canada. By last the thousand years it has been the dog of the Thule of the Inuit culture. It is very probable that this race is the same that the Dog of Greenland

This is a race of work with extraordinary qualities to survive in inhospitable places much more developed than a mascot it needs. It is a formidable dog, perhaps but it is too much dog for the house. One is due to take to him as rapidly as possible to obedience classes and the master must be firm at the same time as to have much patience.