HEIGHT: 18-21 inches
COAT: Short/dense
COLOR: Black/tan
OTHER NAMES: Gontchaja Estonskaja
GROUP: Hound

The Estonian Hound (Eesti Hagijas) is a hound-like breed which is the only dog breed developed in Estonia. It was bred in 1947 when the Soviet Union’s national economy ministry decided that every country in the Union must have its own dog breed.Estonian Hound’s height is 17 – 21 inches and it weighs 33 – 44 pounds. It is medium-sized and well-muscled with strong bone-structure. They have shiny rough short-haired coat. The dog’s coat colour can be blackish-brown, red or saddle-like patch on the dog’s back.

The Estonian Kennel Union is presently working on the recognition of the breed by the FCI.