COUNTRY: Portugal
WEIGHT: 66-110 pounds
HEIGHT: 24 1/2-28 1/2inches
COAT: Medium/short
COLOR: Brindle,gray
OTHER NAMES; Portuguese Sheepdog, Cao da Serra da Estrela
GROUP Flock Guard

She is one of the oldest races of the Iberian Peninsula, possibly native of the high Mountain range gives Star, from where it has taken the name. Rustic dog, with very strong backs and voluminous head; torácico perimeter of 80 cm; plumbed extremities, with solid musculatura.

It has the oval, well open, dark eyes, of intelligent and calm expression; the small, thin and cayentes ears; heavy tail, taken in scimitar. It has the strong, heavy hair, but it do not last, similar to the one of the goat, with fine and abundant subhair. The stained colors blond, wolf, yellow, unicolores or of target are admitted solely. Very sweet with the master, very mordedor with respect to the strangers; intelligent, adiestrable, aggressive in the combat.