WEIGHT: Minimum 90 pounds female, 100 pounds male
HEIGHT: 24-29V2 inches
COAT: Short, smooth
COLOR: solid colors, except white or gray
OTHER NAMES: Brasilian Mastiff, Brasilian Molosser
GROUP: Mastiff

The Brasileiro Row (also known as Cão de Fila) is a race of dog of Brazil of great size and imposing aspect. It is, by his temperament, considered one of the best ones like guardian. Its fidelity became a Brazilian proverb: “Faithful like a Row”. Always looking for the company of its master. This race was created crosses of it of the Old Buldog (aggressive temperament), English Mastin (corporal force and vigor to bite) and of the Bloodhound (great capacity of sense of smell to rake).

Typically molosoide race. Structure bony powerful, joint rectangular and compact, although harmonious and provided well. It presents/displays, along with his corporal mass, a great concentrated and easily perceivable agility. The females must present/display an observable good femineidad that distinguishes to them clearly of the males.