COUNTRY: Great Britain
WEIGHT: 16-18 pounds
HEIGHT: 15 inches
COAT: Smooth, but hard and dense
COLOR: Whites; liver, brindle or red
GROUP: Terrier

Fox Terrier is race of dog that was used formerly to make leave to the vixens, that were persecuted by tracking dogs, of its hiding places. At the moment this Terrier is used like company animal. Two types of Fox to terrier, the one of hard hair (wire) and the one of smooth hair exist. Both were developed in England does about two hundred years and probably they descend from different ancestors.

The two varieties of Fox Terrier were crossed to give to the version of hard hair the white color and one more a defined head than the shown one in the other type. At the moment the division stays so that each variety conserves its coat characteristic, that is really smooth, smooth and it last in the one of the smooth hair, and hard and stiff the one of hard hair. By the others they are practically equal, with the target as predominant color and black or brown spots. The Fox to terrier has a thin head and extended enough, flat skull, long snout, small ears in the form of v and dark eyes. The chest is deep but nonwide, the back is short and straight, the muscular hips and the tail of high bearing. The Fox more modern Terrier, catalogued like new race, is the Fox Chilean Terrier.

This race of dogs was created to help in the hunting of the fox. Before its creation, the hunting used to finish in failure as soon as the fox reached its guarida. The introduction of the Fox Terrier in the hunting solved partially this problem: when the fox was to escabullir under earth, the Terrier was envoy in its search. This gave rise to the concrete requirements of this race: first of all, to have the resistance necessary to run next to the group of hunting, second, sufficiently small being to introduce itself in the guarida one of the fox, and third party, hard and strong being, since a fox cornered in its guarida could try to repel the intruder and to generate a confrontation.

The term Fox Terrier was used of generic form in the last part of century XIX. One talked about a group of dogs of different type that were bred for the hunting. This type of dogs was general assembly signal foxies (zorreros in English) without concerning their type or size. The first Fox Terrier, a called dog “Foiler” or “Old Foiler”, was registered by the Kennel Club around 1875 or 1876, and with its young the standardization process began.