WEJGHT: 22-28 pounds
HEIGHT: 12 inches
COAT: Short, smooth
COLOR: Brindle, fawn
OTHER NAMES: Bouledogue Francais
GROUP: Mastiff

Original race of dog of France. Established like so at the end of century XIX.
The French bulldog is considered moloso of small stature.

The origins of the French bulldog go back to the decade of 1850. Their beginnings are in England, with the English bulldog, their relative nearer descendant of the races type mastiff. Like all the bulldogs, its origin goes back to the molosos of the region of Epiro in Greece and of the Roman Empire.

It is probable that the French bulldog is the result of diverse crossings between toy bulldogs come from Great Britain and diverse local dogs. Descendant of the French bulldogs and the English Bulldog (much more heavy). He is been from successive crossings that criadores of the popular districts of Paris made at the end of century XIX in order secure an agile race and athletic that outside good in the combats of dogs.

Their grace and its character quickly captivated the high society, something that fomented its popularity enormously. The crossings were realised by the lovers of this race in the popular districts of Paris in 1880.

Initially the French bulldog was a dog of the town having like masters the butchers and coachman, but soon it knew to conquer the high society and the artistic world, due to his original aspect and its singular character, propagating quickly.