COUNTRY: Germany
WEIGHT: 20-22 pounds
HEIGHT: 16 inches
COAT: Short and coarse, or harsh wire, broken
COLOR: Black/tan, chocolate/tan or red
OTHER NAMES: Deutscher Jagdterrier
GROUP: Terrier

Dog of hunting of variable utility, especially for the hunting in madrigueras or to raise the hunting. After World War I, some active hunters separated of the Club of Foxterrier that was very superior in number, to create a race that was oriented exclusively to the ability in the hunting.This way, the quinólogos experienced in hunting Rudolf Friess, Walter Zangenberg and Carl-Erich Grünewald solved to raise a black-reddish dog of hunting to carry out the work in madrigueras.

Their yearnings were fulfilled thanks to a chance. The director of the zoological garden Lutz Heck Hagenbeck gave to Walter Zangenberg four Terrier Reddish, descending dogs to him Black presumed of pure races of Foxterrier. With these dogs the raising of the Terrier German Cazador began. During this time the Dr. Herbert Lackner knew the founders of the race.