COUNTRY: Germany
WEIGHT: 55-77 pounds
HEIGHT: Min 21 inches, 25-27.5 inches
COAT: Moderate length,
COLOR: Solid liver, liver/white spotted
OTHER NAMES: Deutscher Langhaariger Vorstehhund, Langhaar
GROUP: Gun Dog

In this hunting dog of long hair the blood of the bloodhounds meets, hunters of birds, water dogs and hunters with hawks and for that reason it has the tendency to a great versatility.

As of year 1879 the pure raising was carried out and the essential characteristics of the race settled down. In the year of 1897, Baron de Schorlemer settled down the first standard of the German Dog of sample of long hair and in this way he put the base for the present pure raising.

He is strong, muscular, low, of fluid lines. In small dogs it is required of much substance.
The heavy and compact dogs are not desirable.