COUNTRY: Germany
WEIGHT: 75-95 pounds
HEIGHT: 22-26 inches
COAT: Short,dense undercoat
COLOR: Black/tan, sable, all black
OTHER NAMES: Deutsche Schaferhund,

The German shepherd is one of the more popular and versatile races of dog of the world. Born, affectionate worker with the family, excellent guardian, guide of blind, animal of rescue, patient and protector with the children. Bravery, intelligence, self-denial and fidelity are of the so many virtues that characterize this dog. Also it is known with the name of German Ovejero, or Dog Police (due to the use that the forces of security in many countries give them where they even count on specific units denominated K-9).

His origins overcome at the end of century XIX, when in Germany a program of raising that gave like result the German shepherd, exposed for the first time in Hannover (Germany) in 1882 began. Fruit of crossings between shepherds of Turingia and Württenberg, was created for guard and protection of the flocks of sheep against the wolves.

Maximilian von Stephanitz, captain of cavalry of the German army, is considered the father of the race, being the first enrolled unit Horand von Grafath, a vigorous animal, of firm character, grayish coat and aspect lobuno. Later, after the appearance of the Friendly Association of the German Shepherd in 1899, a selection of unit began whose crossings improved so much the psychic aspect as physical of the animal.Nowadays, this race is not only one of the most wanted and admired by the lovers of the dogs, but their qualities also have allowed him to work in armies and police. In fact, served during the two world wars won a universal respect and admiration to him.