German Shorthaired Pointer

COUNTRY: Germany
WEIGHT: 55-70 pounds
HEIGHT: 23-25 inches
COAT: Short and dense
COLOR: Solid liver
OTHER NAMES: Deutscher Kurzhaariger Vorstehhund, Kurzhaar
GROUP: Gun Dog

The history of the German Braco with the dogs begins that were used for the hunting of birds with network and for the hunting to the flight, practiced mainly in the Mediterranean countries. The dogs arrived from sample at the German princely perreras happening through France, Spain and Flanders.

The main quality of these dogs was its capacity to show the prey. The use was made important still more of the sample dog from the invention of the gun of two guns (1750).
The hunting to the flight in front of the dog was thrown: this one was the first stage of the way between a pure dog of sample and a dog of multi-mission multi-purpose fighter.
The decisive document for the operation and the development of the young appears in 1897: one is the “Zuchtbuch Deutsch Kurzhaar” (Book of the origins of the German Braco of Short Hair).

He was Prince Albrecht de Solms-Braunfels, that established the characteristics of the race, the rules of the judgment of the morphology, and finally the basic rules of the tests of work for hunting dogs.

Nowadays one selects to the German Braco thanks to a regulation of young and to tests of work outposts.In the standard the characteristics settle down that must have the dog of multi-mission multi-purpose fighter as it is the German Braco. This allows him to still fulfill the requirements of the hunting in age outpost.