COUNTRY: Germany
WEIGHT: 70-77 pounds
HEIGHT: 23-27.5 in
COAT: Hard, bristly
COLOR: Black or salt and pepper
OTHKR NAMES: Riesenschnauzer
GROUP: Herding

Giant schnauzer is a long race of dog and compacts. Longevo, loving of the water and assets, is one of the three races of schnauzer.

The Giant Schnauzer is one of the dogs of guard and defense little known by the great public, but very appreciated by the fans because the qualities of this race are many. It is an impetuous but sensible dog, with an extraordinary energy. Besides being a vigilant Guardian it has a kindly character that is pronounced in desire to play and in the gentleness whereupon it treats the children. Their facility for the training, iron value and health are qualities turn that it into one of the best Dogs of Guard than they exist.

It is possible to emphasize his capacity and will of tracking have turned that it into the ideal dog for security organisms. In Europe they are used essentially in catastrophes, search of drugs and security, in we see them to Argentina in National, Aeronautical Gendarmerie and, recently, in the National Penitentiary Service.

The one that is decided by this race will have a dog of always present company and arranged to demonstrate it appreciates it to whatever, a companion cheers and juguetón and a guardian without fear of the beings that he loves and their territory.