WEIGHT: 90-140 pounds
HEIGHT: 25-32 inches
COAT: Medium to medium-long
COLOR: White
OTHER NAMES: Pyrenean Mountain Dog, Chien de Montagne des Pyrenees
GROUP: Flock Guard

T his dog was the favorite of the French court before the Revolution. He is original of the region that gives name him and it was dedicated to take care of flocks and forts, like the Mastín uses necklace of thorns. It became more popular since the shepherds began to sell the puppies to the tourists. It is a created sheepdog to take care of flocks in the Pyrenees, he is also domestic and it owns the great intelligence and skill. One adapts perfectly to extreme the climatic conditions. He is resistant, of good natured nature and it likes the family; it does not like the strangers. In the males the raised one in shoulders is of minimum 71 cm and in the females 66 cm. The minimum weight in the males is of 49,9 kg and in the females of 40,8 kg.