COUNTRY: Scandinavian countries
WEIGHT: 66 pounds and up
HEIGHT: 24 inches
COAT: Med, dense, stand-off
COLOR: Any color
OTHER NAMES: Gronlandshund
GROUP: Northern

Descendant of the Arctic wolf. The origin of this race is similar to the one of the other races of sleigh. Its name comes from the great polar island (Greenland) where its diffusion has been greater.

The Groenlandés has worked and still it works in shots and, therefore, its obedience to the master is perhaps smaller with respect to other dogs, although also it is used to him to persecute and to hunt bears and caribous, activity in which it demonstrates an extraordinary value. It is a dog of strong constitution, whose height, in the males, surpasses the 60 cm. with a weight of 40 kg.The skull is wide and a little vaulted, the snout has cone form, is very robust and very presents/displays a developed set of teeth, that closes perfectly to scissors.