COUNTRY: Great Britain
WEIGHT: 60-70 pounds
HEIGHT: 27-30 inches
COAT: Short and smooth
COLOR: Any color
GROUP: Southern

It is a very old, probably descending dog of the Arab Greyhound Sloughi, taken to Europe by Phoenician navigators. The English criadores in the course of the years have constructed to a fabulous dog of hunting and races, conjugating in Him sport qualities and morals.

Robust, symmetrical, vigorous of 71 to 78 cm of raised; the females of 68.5 to 71 cm. The head is long and the pointed and black snout; muscular jaws with set of teeth very hard; long and elastic neck; dark eyes, bivouacs; small, thin ears in rose; taken tail low and slightly bent; perfectly plumbed long previous extremities and. The hair short and smooth, is tightened and of colors black, white, red, blue, gamo, atigrado and multicoloured or even stained.