WEIGHT: 50-55 pounds
HEIGHT: 21.5 -24.5 inches
COAT; Long/hard/rough
COLOR: Blue-gray, dark gray or wolf gray;
GROUP: Hound

Known from very distant times, the Griffon descends, great “taken gray dogs” to French earth by San Luis, around the Crossed ones. This type of bloodhound in a time very spread, as it is come off numerous irrefutable testimonies, was certainly of greater size. This race began its slow but inexorable declination towards end of the century last, until arriving at a passage of the total extinction. They were a few enthusiastic ones saved who it reclaiming the few surviving units and tried to affirm crossing it, by obvious reasons for blood, with dogs of Gascony It crosses and It. This has had consequently today is not a great homogeneity between the existing units, that reveal clearly the contribution of blood of other races. Beyond all this, it is the positive fact that this race has been still saved being not known outside the limits of France.

The general aspect of this dog is characterized mainly, by the layer with dense and sometimes even hairy long, hard, strong hair and. The most common colors are the gray-blue one, the gray wolf, the black marengo- with spots fire in the cheeks and, finally, the leonado one. With respect to the height (as a result of its recent origins, not certainly very pure) a tolerance exists in more of some centimeters, remaining invariable all the other general characteristics established by the standard. One moves with elastic, smooth step and not very fast.

AIzada to the cross. Average of 51 to 61 cm. with a tolerance of 3 cm. in more for the males. Ideal between 54 and 58 cm. Head. Emaciated and light, relatively long. Chin with a little beard. In front together with the nasal cane by stop little marked but seemingly much more evident because of the hairy hair that there is upon the eyebrows. Almost flat skull. Eyes. Preferably dark. Ears. They are born around the eyes are smooth, quite hairy, of length and average width, wrinkled towards the end. Neck. Quite light and lean, devoid of papada. Previous extremities. Apparently heavy because of the hair but in fact they are lean. Shoulders slightly inclined, lean good beaten to the body. Sights of profile, when the dog is in rest, little thrown backwards with respect to the vertical. The metacarpos are not long. Body. Chest that falls much towards the elbows. Breastbone little developed in width. Deep torácica box in length, being high and mighty towards the last ribs, more cleared with respect to first that are flatter. Extended back. Flank dissuaded a little. Relatively oblique Grupa. Later extremities. Lean, relatively flat thighs.

Corvejones fallen and a little curved. Feet. Slightly extended with solid fingers. Tail. Of good location, not very long, it takes it to the dog to saber way. Coat. Length, fort, hard, hairy dense. Color: gray gray-blue wolf or, gray-wild boar, black-marengo with spots fire in the cheeks, on the eyes, in the extremities; less frequently leonado and tricolor.