WEIGHT: 44-55 pounds
HEIGHT: 19.5-23.5 inches
COAT: Short, shiny and dense
COLOR: Tricolor, with white predominating
OTHER NAMES: Halden Hound
GROUP: Hound

Of rectangular, noble, strong, but nonheavy construction. Thin, of well provided medium size and. Sight front and of side slightly in the form of cupola. The protuberance occipital is hardly perceivable.

Well proportions. Eyes: Dark brown in color. Ears: High set, and close lying. Muzzle: Medium size and well-proportioned to the head. Nose: Black and self-colored according to coat. Biting: Scissor or level. Neck: Long, curved. Topline: Level. Chest: deep and wide, with ribs well emerged. Body: Rectangular and compact. Legs: Forelegs are strong and straight hind legs are muscular, with stifles and hocks well bent. Feet: Oval. Tail: thick, carried low. Movement: Good reach, with well balanced movement. Temperament: Energetic, free spirited, with good movement.