WEIGHT: 50-60 pounds
HEIGHT: 18-23 in
COAT: Short
COLOR: Tricolor: golden tan with black mantle
OTHER NAMES: Hamilton Hound
GROUP: Hound

The Hamilton Stovare is a hunting dog. It has very good also very active temperament but. This race is natural of Sweden. Patrick Hamilton credits itself to count Adolf, from whom obtains the name, of to have obtained east dog of the crossing of the English Foxhound, the Hanoverian Haidbracke, the Holstein Hound and the Courlander Hound.

Good mascot is often considered him as long as the due exercise is provided to him frequently and to be bathed. It is possible to be maintained to him outside within the house or.

Relation of canine bunds that recognize this race. Useful references to consider the popularity of this race, the realised effort to maintain defined it, to obtain advising before acquiring a puppy of pure blood, and seeing this race compete.