COUNTRY: Germany
WEIGHT: 84-99 pounds
HEIGHT: 20-24 inches
COAT: Short and thick with a little shine
COLOR: Light to dark red
OTHER NAMES: Hannoverscher Schweisshund
GROUP: Hound

Descendant of the Dog of San Huberto, has his same melancholic expression, brought about by the characteristic wrinkles in the skin of the head.
In century V, an ancestor his was mentioned like reflective dog, of great sense of smell, whose task consisted of preceding the groups of bloodhounds to discover the refuges of the persecuted animal:

he carried out, therefore, in Germany, the same functions that in England competed to the Bloodhound and in France and Belgium to the Dog of San Huberto.
It crosses of it of that one old German bloodhound other, lighter, of the Flarz (harzerbracke), the criadores of Jacgerhof, the Harz, Solling and from Hannover they obtained, towards 1800, the Hannoverischer Schwcisshund, very appreciated, later, by its dowries of hunter.