COUNTRY: Great Britain
WEIGHT: 48-60 pounds
HEIGHT: 19-22 inches
COAT: Short, coarse and hard
COLOR: Any hound color including blues
GROUP: Hound

The Harrier was born in the south of England, being original of the great dogs bloodhounds. It was created for the hunting of the hare and the first pack of Harriers that knows data 1260. Formerly, the less rich people were going away to hunt on foot with heavy Harriers.

And hard light, the Harrier has a head extended with a squared snout, a well developed black truffle and. The eyes, medium and oval, usually are of dark color. The short, almost flat ears and in the form of V, are inserted high but they are taken péndulas. The neck is long and without papada. Of wide chest, straight and muscular back, of kidney strong and a little bent. Coat: Smooth and flat hair, is not very short. Color: It is the combination of target, brown black and.