WEIGHT: 7-12 pounds
COAT: Profuse, wavy to curly
COLOR: Variety of colors
OTHER NAMES: Bichon Havanais, Havana Silk Dog
GROUP: Gun Dog

Western Mediterranean region.This race comes from the western Mediterranean region and it was developed throughout the Spanish and Italian coast. It would seem to be that these dogs were introduced early in Cuba by the Italian captains of the great passages.
By error, the main color habano of these dogs (color tobacco, brown-reddish) has given rise to the legend about which it would be an original race of Havana, capital of Cuba.

The events lead to the total disappearance of the old lines of blood of the Havanans in Cuba; some descendants survived in the United States of North America, after to have left the contraband island.

The Havanan Bichón is a small vigorous, low dog on the legs, of long hair, abundant, smooth and preferably waved. Their movements are alive and elastic.