COUNTRY: Ireland
WEIGHT: 25-27 pounds
HEIGHT: 18 inches
COAT Harsh, wire, broken coat
COLOR: Red to red wheaten
OTHER NAMES: Irish Red Terrier
GROUP: Terrier

The Irish Terrier is a dog that originated itself in Ireland. One of the multiple types of Terrier. Red rectangular fire and – it is as an Irish Terrier could be described.

He is active, and so much to the rural life as to atmospheres of city adapts. Its red, coat protects rough it well in all type of climate. And although never it has been a race that has been put fashionable, those that often own one become loving and/or criadores dedicated to the same.

Approximately terrier of stature median of about 45,5 cm to the cross and 12.25 kilos of weight. The conformation of the Irish Terrier difference markedly of the one of another terrier. Its body is proportionally more length than the one of the Fox to terrier, with a tendency towards strong and marked lines.

Its color can be gold-reddish, red-wheat, or wheat. Red the dark often thinks that it is the unique correct color, possibly because the hair mantles wheat color present/display frequently the worse quality. Like with other classes of solid colors, a small one hornada of white color is allowed in the chest. No other appearance of target is allowed. When Irish terrier it ages, they could appear to him certain plans of gray hair in some parts of the body.