COUNTRY: Ireland
WEIGHT: Minimum 105 pounds females, 120 pounds males
HEIGHT: Min 30 inches for F and 32 inches for M,
COAT: Rough and hard
COLOR: Gray, brindle, red, black, pure white, fawn
GROUP: Southern

The Irish Wolfhound, or Irish Greyhound, is the highest greyhound of pure hair. This it is the highest dog of all the well-known races. The minimum altitude of the males is 80 cm (approximated of 32 inches) to shoulders; surpassing to the Great Danish by 4 cm (2 inches). This dog was used to hunt wolves. This it is the national dog of Ireland.

The dog wished by many but its size only allows the luxury him to those with ample space in its homes. It does not need so much as the appearances indicate, daily exercise as to many dogs without the excesses of a greyhound or a giant dog and the hair with cepillada every day it must be sufficient. It is a very noble dog that can to be maintained so much within the house as in the patio, surrounded by all means. It does not demonstrate problems with the children of the house but it is necessary to respect the dog. Yes it eats much.