Originated in the country of Sweden, the Jamthund is primarily used as a hunting dog in the Scandinavian countries of Norway, Sweden and Finland. It is quite a working dog with an ideal appearance. Strong and sturdy nature, this breed is one of the finest examples of a hunting dog.

Though it gained popularity only by 1946, this breed is common all over Sweden ever since it has been highly inhabited by people. The reason for this late notice of the Jamthund was due o the fact that people often confused the Jamthund for the Norwegian elkhound. This was quite shocking as the Jamthund was used to hunt down big animals such as lynx and bear. Therefore the dog had to be of a strong and sturdy type, with a lot of power and endurance.

With a highly developed and slightly arched head, these dogs are seen to be very brave and adventurous in nature with a calm and cool personality. They have perfectly oval shaped eyes that are usually brown in color. Their ears are always attentive and are erect and pointed upwards. With strong shoulder blades to give it pace and stamina, this breed has a fully endowed tail that is hairy and curled. A short coated dog, the Jamthund has a smooth coat on its head and neck with longer hair on its lower abdomen region and hind legs. Ranging between 57-65 cms in height, the female are slightly smaller and range up to 52-60 cms in height. It has a well balanced body and a perfectly proportioned head. This dog has few faults that make it a little less popular in the field of hunting dogs.

Due to its light bone weight and thin stature, this dog could be mistaken for other breeds of dog and could become slower in performance and hence could decline its popularity amongst hunters or other professionals. Some of the teeth of the Jamthund are missing and its coat is extremely short for its purpose. Due to its short coat, it cannot get acclimatized to very cold climate and hence cannot work adequately in highly snowy regions. There are some facts of this dog that, though negative, can be eliminated. Some of them are minor and almost every canine would posses such qualities. The Jamthund is a hunting dog, and like most hunting dogs, it cannot be ideally kept in an urban setting or an apartment life. This breed requires space and time.

Like every dog, this dog too requires one’s time and energy. They hate being confined to a small space and hate being alone. If trained properly, they can adjust and get along with other dogs and can be great with kids. They have a tendency to put on weight and can become moody and irritable if not brought up the right way. With an immense amount of energy, the Jamthund requires a daily dose of exercise and do with a little bit of grooming. Due to their short coat, they do not have a lot of hair fall that needs to be curbed.