Man has always found the company of animals interesting. There are many domesticated animals that live among us. They were wild in the olden days and our ancestors domesticated them for various purposes. The cows and sheep were domesticated for their milk and meat and various other animals for various unique purposes. One such animal is the dog. This animal has become one of the few known breeds of wild animal to come in close contact with man. These animals have some very interesting features which have helped men and the dogs to thrive among us.

There are various breeds of dogs which are found living among us. The most popular ones include the hunting and the guarding dog. One such very popular breed is the Terrier. From this breed has originated a dog called the Kaikadi. This is breed of terrier found in the India. It is seen more in central India and is named after a nomadic tribe. They are descendants of the terrier breed which have some very special and unique qualities. The terrier breed is generally small, wiry and very active. The Kaikadi is not very small and is built of average height. They have an average height of about 40 cms. It is a very powerful dog and its main duty is as a guard dog. Since the Kaikadi tribe is a nomadic one, they have to face a lot of unexpected dangers. Hence the Kaikadi dog has been bred to be absolutely fearless and will guard their group ferociously. The Kaikadi dog has very powerful thighs and hocks. They are also very good at hunting hare and vermin. This makes them very useful.

The tail is a characteristic feature of the Kaikadi dog in that it is long and tapered. The ears are also long and they stand erect when the dog is alert, this sign is a sure shot way of knowing if the dog is ready to attack. The head is also long and the eyes are prominent and distinct. They are highly intelligent animals and it shows in their eyes. Kaikadi dogs have a smooth coat and it does not need any maintenance at all. It is seen moving freely in the crowd and is seldom tied up. If they are confined to small spaces they will become exceedingly aggressive and need to be let out in the open. Since they are guard dogs, they are very territorial and do not take well to strangers.

This dog has been bred to live the harsh life and it shows in its characters. It is a very strong animal and is affectionate to its family. It is an aggressive dog and is seldom taught to control it. Since the herds need good watch dogs, these dogs are let loose and they mark their territories and viciously protect them. The Kaikadi dog is a hard dog meant for the Great Plains and will not set well in an urban environment. They are comfortable in large yards and need a lot of exercise.