Karelian Bear Dog
WEIGHT:44-49 pounds
HEIGHT:19-23.5 in
COAT:Short, harsh,
COLOR:Black with white
OTHER NAMES: Karelsk Bjornhund,
Karjalankarhukoira, Karelischer Barenhund

The area of the north of Europe, before well-known like Karelia, always been has lived by great and powerful dogs. These dogs are known by to have followed the first colonists in Finland does thousands of years. He was very used in the hunting of bears, wolves and lynges. This dog is very related to the Russian Laika.

The Karelian Bear Dog has small ears that aim slightly forwards. They are protected with a dense short and hard coat protects that them of the hardest colds. The thighs are covered with a heavy hair. The color is black and white, which is unusual for the dogs type spitz of the north of Europe. Their jaws are very powerful. Long tail. Small eyes. Of robust construction, strong bones and medium size