COUNTRY: Netherlands
WEIGHT: 55-66 pounds
HEIGHT: 17-19 inches
COAT: Long and dense
COLOR: Wolf gray
OTHER NAMES: Wolfspitz, Chien Loup
GROUP: Northern

The Keeshond (plural Keeshunden, that pronounces kayshond has been known like Fik, raposero dog, Dutch dog of hull and even like fat Pomeranio in Victorian England. Its modern name comes from a dog of this race that belonged in century XVIII to the Dutch Kees de Gyselaer. Like other races of Spitzs, the Keeshond thinks that it comes from an Arctic race. It passed to be popular in Holland like companion of the people of the hulls and like dog guardian.

In 1905, Miss Hamilton-Fletcher, later Mrs. Wingfield-Digby fixed, to take it some puppies to England. In 1923 two of its dogs they were shown in the Birmingham National Dog Show like Dutch Dogs of Hull. The Society of Dutch Dogs of Hull (now the Society of the Keeshond) formed in 1925 and, in 1928, already Certificates of Aptitude for the race were offered. In 1920 the Dutch fans returned to pay attention to her. However, FCI (Fédération Cynologique Internationále) has not wanted to accept the standard that has settled down for these units, being thought that the Keeshond is identical to the German Wolfspitz.