COUNTRY: Germany
WEIGHT: 26 pounds
HEIGHT: 15-18 inches
COAT: rough; medium-long straight hair
COLOR: Mainly white with tan
GROUP: Terrier
It was originated like whim of a dog that encariñó of a brought dog of Germany by a soldier in 1945. The result was mestizos welcomed by Ilse Schleifenbaum. It liked so much the character and the facility of this race for the young that did not know to live without them and continued its raising. To this company an expert dog breeder helped him and in 1955 it was recognized like race.

Peasant and fort, the Kromforlander has the head in end and the smooth skull, with a small projection and a quite wide powerful snout. The ears born very above and in the form of V. The eyes are dark and oval of alive glance. The back straight, wide and is slightly curved, and gathered by a deep chest. The tail is taken very above and curved towards a side. The hair is short and rough to the tact of white color, with spots of brown tone.