COUNTRY: Hungary
WEIGHT: 110 pounds maximum
HEIGHT: 26 inches maximum
COAT: Wavy, medium length
COLOR: White to ivory
GROUP: Flock Guard

Although some think that the Kuvasz already existed in Hungary at the time of the hunos, others think that it arrived there coming from Asia and Turkey, with the mongolas invasions. Its name derives from a Turkish word that it means “safe guardian”. During some centuries, especially in the XV, he was the faithful friend of the Hungarian aristocracy. During the two world wars the race seriously was decimated and during the Hungarian revolt of 1956 almost it was exterminated.

The Kuvasz has to be of good stature, solidly constructed and with a worthy air. The skull must slightly be bent and the snout not too long and in the form of wedge. It takes the small ears hanging in the form of V. The body is something long, with the slightly salient ribs. The legs are robust and not too long. The tail is long, a little curved in the end, where a tuna shines plume. The coat is long, rough and wave. The color has to be white pure, although white ivory can be accepted.

It is a sober and undergone dog, that resists the hardest conditions outdoors. As homemade dog is friendly, affectionate and intelligent, and mainly an excellent guardian, brave and calm, distrusted and until reserved with the strangers. Under its worthy appearance a temperament hides juguetón that makes him be a faithful friend of the children.