HEIGHT: 8-12
COAT: Long, thick and straight
COLOR: Usually black/white
GROUP: Herding
Although his heritage is from dogs of Asian origin, the Kyi-Leo in the U.S. was created as a result of crosses between Maltese and Lhasa-Apsos. This robust and furry little dog is active, alert and agile. She likes people but is reserved with strangers, and features that make it an excellent alarm dog.

The Kyi-Leo is generally easy to train but can suddenly behave as stubborn.
Particolor favorite color is black and white. Preferably with black markings around the eyes and ears. The fur is long and thick with silky texture and tends to break down naturally to the sides of the dorsal line.

It is not difficult to maintain without knots if you brush regularly. This dog has a sparkling personality and willingness to please his master. And their medium-sized 20 to 30 cm makes it suitable for any home.