COUNTRY: Great Britain
WEIGHT: 55-75 pounds
HEIGHT: 21.5 -24.5 inches
COAT: Moderately short, dense

COLOR: Black, chocolate, or yellow
GROUP: Gun Dog

Retriever Farmer, call traditionally farmer, although also known like Collector farmer or Pointer of farmer, is an original canine race of Newfoundland, in present Canada. It is the most popular race of the world by amount of registered units.

Their exceptional affability, gentility, intelligence, energy and kindness, cause that the farmers generally are considered like good companions of people of all the ages, as well as trustworthy working dogs, commonly comprising of operative, explosion-proof the canine brigades of the antidrug police in, search and rescues, among others. With training, the farmer is one of the canine races more employees, obedient and talentosas that they exist

In century XIX the fishermen of the island of Newfoundland used a type of dog that helped them in its workings. With time, some of these units would travel until the United Kingdom. Those dogs of Newfoundland owned two different sizes good, were known like Newfoundland and the other, of smaller stature and short coat, as dog of St. John. It is to this variety to which it is considered like ancestor of present Retriever Farmer.

There is another theory that points the possibility that the race of Farmer comes from a type of Portuguese dog, the Dog of I castrate Laboreiro, which would explain, partly, the present name of the race. This thesis leans in the fact that the Galician and Portuguese crews they saturated in Newfoundland, of where would have obtained dogs of these characteristics. Also, they insist on the fact that in bordering Spanish earth with Portugal a type of dog of very similar shepherd to the contemporary Farmer exists.

Once it was settled down in the United Kingdom, their qualities soon were appreciated by the hunters, who verified the facility with which he received the ducks when they fell in the water. The first authority on the race was vizconde Knutsford, that initiated its workings of young in 1884. One of the most famous units was one servant by him, was called “Munden Sentry”, that was raised with several titles in 1905. Another very important unit within the first decade of century XX was “Flapper”; been born in 1902, it demonstrated to be extraordinary a stallion one.

Retriever Farmer was recognized by the Kennel British Club in 1904. Its popularity was increasing so much in the exhibitions as in cinegetic atmospheres; in fact, a little while summit for the race was when the dog “Bramshaw Bob”, property of lady Lorna Howe, obtained TWICE of Crufts of 1932 and 1933. This criadora also would secure this appreciated award in 1937, this time with “Cheverella Horseradish tree of Banchory”.

The Farm Club of England was founded on 1916, time at which the majority of unit was black, although the yellows began to be valued. The first unit of this color was registered in 1899, been born from two black parents.

At present she is one of the races more known by the great public, with a great demand in multitude of countries and that is used very in variable workings, given its special ability to work.