COUNTRY: Great Britain
WEIGHT: 17 pounds
HEIGHT: 13-15 inches
COAT: Hard and wiry
COLOR: Blue, black, liver,
GROUP: Terrier

Well delineated flat skull and, ears small and taken gachas with the truffle of black color except in the color units liver, followed by a long neck and of elegant forms, a little bent; short back, ample chest, well musculadas strong extremities and. The tail usually is amputated. Its height oscillates between the 35 and the 37 cm and their weight between the 6.5 and 7.5 kg As far as the mantle can be black and fire, blue and fire, red, wheat, reddish gray, liver, blue black; admitting white spots in the chest and the legs.

The present Lakeland is product crosses of it of different races from terriers between which are the Bedlington, the Border, the Fox and probably by their aspect the Airedale, these crossings had like result to the original Lakeland of the English region of the Lagos. This dog was employee by the shepherds to protect the ovine cattle of the attacks of the vixens. The race officially was recognized in 1928.