COUNTRY: Finland
WEIGHT: 66 pounds
HEIGHT: 19-22 inches
COAT: Medium short
COLOR: Black, black/tan
OTHER NAMES: Lapland Reindeer Dog,
Lapponian Herder, Lapponian Vallhund
GROUP: Herding

Original from the Baltic region, the dog lapón or dog of reindeer of Laponia descends from the polar wolf. The Varanger dog, shortage in the north of the Nordic countries, with 7000 years of antiquity, would come to be a dog lapón very next to the present type. Race one of oldest of the world, has been conserved practically intact from its origins, some cinófilos maintain that this dog could be the ancestor of all the originating races of the North Pole.

Used by the nomadic tribes of Laponia for centuries, it leads in transhumancia his immense flocks of reindeer and crosses with them the regions desolated of Finland, Norway and Sweden.

The rigor of the climate influences in the selection of this race and the weak units that cannot resist the cold die before reproducing, for that reason the race stays pure and vigorous. Outside his country of origin, it is difficult to find a dog unit lapón; this dog conserves a wild character, maintained by extremely difficult conditions of work, and is little probable that it can, in the future becomeing aclimated itself well to other countries with warmer climates.