COUNTRY: Germany
WEIGHT: 80-150 pounds
HEIGHT: 25.5 - 31.5 inches
COAT: Medium-to-long
COLOR: Golden yellow to red
GROUP: Mastiff
Leonberger is an original race of German dog of the city of Leonberg. Moloso of long hair and brown color, this race drift of crossings of races of great size like San Great Bernardo or the Pyrenean one, produced at the beginning of century XIX.

Two theories exist on the history of the Leonberguer: first one talks about to his existence towards 1625, in Austria, where a breeder of dogs of the princes of Metternich created and developed to this race. Second one talks about to his appearance towards 1846, by a breeder in the German city of Leonberg that wished to create a dog of leonado coat, remembering the lion of the shield of his city and that obtained from the crossing between different races.

Great and vigorous, the Leonberguer has a narrow head, being the dark brown eyes and the black truffle. The ears are hanging, wide and round. The neck is robust and without papada, of kidney solid and picked up by a fort chest. Of straight previous members being the later musculados forts and. The tail is covered with hair and is taken average loss. Sue coat is semi-fine or rough, quite long and fine or little wave. Color: Leonados ranges of.