WEIGHT: 45-70 pounds
COAT: Dense
COLOR: Leopard spotted or black/tan
OTHER NAMES: Leopard Tree Dog
GROUP: Hound

The Catahoula Cur or Louisiana Catahoula Leopard Dog is the name of Catahoula Parish in the state of Louisiana in the United States. Other breeds of dog, the Catahoula is believed to have held the longest in North America, besides the dogs descended from Native Americans created races. Race is sometimes incorrectly called “Hound Catahoula or Catahoula Leopard Hound,” as it is not a dog, but a Cur.

Catahoulas are highly intelligent, energetic, have a high pain tolerance and are very quick, yet they are also very loving and gentle with children they know or have adopted, and their family (pack). One gains a much better insight into their social structure by first understanding the social structure of the wolves. They are inquisitive and have a strong independent streak. The Catahoula temperament is not well suited for everyone; these dogs are very protective of their territory and family, but are kind and gentle toward other dogs when on neutral ground. These traits, combined with their independent nature, their high energy levels, and physical strength, can make a Catahoula “too much dog” for inexperienced or meek owners, and can make having such a dog a problem in apartments and small spaces. Ideally, a Catahoula should have obedience training, and an outlet for its energy. The ideal place for this breed would be in a rural area where they can have plenty of space to expend their energy. A Catahoula must have a job to do or it may expend its energy in a destructive manner such as digging incredibly large holes, uprooting landscaping, chewing up the garden hose, or redecorating the house. They are extremely versatile and have been used in search and rescue, hunting, herding and agility. This breed is also renowned for their ability to tree raccoons, many Catahoulas can actually climb trees, aided by their long, hard, sharp nails which help them grip the bark