COUNTRY: Tibet (China)
HEIGHT: 10-11
COAT: Heavy, straight, hard/dense
COLOR: Golden, sandy or honey
OTHISR NAMES: Tibetan Apso
GROUP: Herding

The Lhasa Apso is a race of dog of tibetano origin, of small size, characterized mainly by the great length of its hair, whose main purpose is to avoid the loss of heat to support the low temperatures and to protect themselves of the solar radiations.

One says that already aC existed surroundings to year 800. Its main assignment was the one to alert with its strong tibetanos barks mastines of the presence of strangers.

They are luck symbol, for that reason they were given by the monks the high agent chief executives of other countries. One says that it welcomes the soul of its owners when they pass away. It is a dog of somewhat peculiar character, that needs an owner can include/understand who it.