WEIGHT: 13-14 pounds
HEIGHT: 13 to 15 inches
COAT: Short, rough, stand-off
COLOR: Brown with black tipping
OTHER NAMES: Norwegian Puffin Dog
GROUP: Northern

It has a long history. So far behind as 1600 Norwegian was used for puffins of the hunting throughout the coast. Around 1900, they were only found in the isolated village of Mostad, Lofoten and for World War II the race was almost extinct. At the moment, this race is revived slowly. There is at the moment considering of 1500 Lundehunds throughout the world, are extremely difficult to acquire.

Dog of Spitz type, small size. It owns five fingers of front legs and four of the back legs. Its coat is of rough, dense texture, and its color is black, gray or different tones from brown with target.