COUNTRY: Hungary
WEIGHT: 49-68 pounds
HEIGHT: 25-27.5 inches
COAT: Short and a bit coarse
COLOR: All sighthound colors
OTHER NAMES: Hungarian Greyhound
GROUP: Southern

Magyar Agar (MA) is a dog breed. It is also called a Hungarian Greyhound, but this is something of a misnomer. The Magyar Agar is not a descendant of the Greyhound and not known as a “dog” in their country of origin. An alternate name would be appropriate or Gazehound Hungarian Hungarian Sighthound. A type of sighthound from Hungary and Transylvania. It is used for hunting and coursing, and continues as a partner.

These dogs accompanied the Hungarian today in Hungary and Romania 900S. Are not known outside of Hungary and Romania. Tradition tells us that the Magyar Agar first arrived in northeastern Hungary and the Great Alföld (Hungarian Plain) a little more than a thousand years ago. Although we have lived through the Great Alföld have had a strong history of hunting in the three counties of Békés, Hajdú-Bihar1 and Pest.

There are oral histories that indicate Magyar agars were with the Hungarians (ie, Hungarians), much earlier, when the nomadic tribe living in the mountains of the Ural Mountains of Eurasia. But there is no empirical evidence to help prove this hypothesis. The first archaeological evidence of the Magyar agars has been found in the Carpathian mountain range along the north and east of the Hungarian border.

Dogs accompanying Hungarians are a variety of oriental became part of the Magyar horde as they traveled from the steppes of Eurasia and Central Europe. The Magyar agars reached there before the Hungarians, the Carpathians? Currently this is still under debate. In time the horse became the Hungarian and Hungarian horse, became the first cavalry of Europe, known as the Hussars. Agars shaping the Middle Ages to the modern age has remained the same until the introduction of greyhound in 1800. The Hungarian Hungary on horseback, Hussars, Magyar agars and are interconnected through its rich history.

The Magyar Agar Dog racing is a long distance. Was raised to be a consignor of game shot by horsemen on open plains or the hardwood. Hungarians say that MS is expected to accompany the hunters usually at distances of 30 kilometers (19 miles) and up to 50 kilometers (31 miles) a day. The game in most cases is done, and deer. Through most of history Hungarian Magyar Agar was not the exclusive property of the nobility. Each Hungarian, if he so wished, could own and hunt with a master’s degree. Although MS is not confined to certain cultural or aristocratic status, the MA found the nobility were much larger than those of the rural landed. Magyar agars property of peasants known as the farm or simply as agars Catchers ago. These smaller versions of MS have been extinguished. Today, MS is very popular with the show ring and racing enthusiasts who are tireless in their support for this rare breed.