Manchester Terrier

COUNTRY: Great Britain
WEIGHT: 12-16 pounds;
COAT: Short, smooth
COLOR: Black/tan
OTHER NAMES: Black and Tan Terrier
GROUP: Terrier

The Manchester to terrier seems a reduced form of the Doberman Pinscher although it does not have any bow of blood with this race. It is a slim, light, athletic dog and of lines very purified. The Manchester to terrier began a to be called like so in 1897 (20 years after its creation.)

Height of the contests was created in the heat of that consisted of killing the greater number of rats, and the race became famous like champion in this discipline. With the prohibition of this practice, the Manchester to terrier undergoes a first blow that causes that it lowers to the number of unit and the popularity of the race.

Later it underwent another crash with the prohibition to amputate the ears of the dogs (1898). A Manchester to terrier with the ears without amputating had a conflicting aspect in with its behavior and physical power. By this the Manchester to terrier began to fear popularity less and less.

The third blow took it in World War II, during which the race almost is extinguished, being only 11 units in England.

The race begins to recover when a group of enthusiastic is decided to form a club that fomented the popularity of the Manchester to terrier, although already it would only be used in exhibitions.