WEIGHT: 65-100 pounds
HEIGHT: 23.5 -29 inches
COAT: Profuse, long, never curly
COLOR: White, some yellow or pale orange tolerated on ears only
OTHER NAMES: Pastore Abruzzese, Cane da Pastore Maremmano-Abruzzese
GROUP: Flock Guard

At the same time, two races existed: the Abruzzese and the Maremmano. The Abruzzese was a pasturing dog and had a longer body while the Maremmano had a shorter coat slightly. In the Fifties the two races were declared officially like a single with a single name. This it is a classic dog of guard European, probably descending of great the Ovejeros of the East, that slowly was scattered by Europe does but of thousand years.

The Maremma is a great and noble dog with bear head. It has powerful jaws. It has black nose that with the years is become of pink color. The small ears are pointed and of preference. The eyes are small but with one intelligent expression lives and. The tail is fallen and has a dense coat. The length, rough and well abundant coat slightly is waved. Color: target with dejos ivory, pale clear yellow and naranjo in the ears.