COUNTRY: Great Britain
WEIGHT: 175-190 pounds
HEIGHT: Minimum 27.5-30 inches
COAT: Short, smooth
COLOR: Apricot, fawn with black face
OTHER NAMES: Old English Mastiff
GROUP: Mastiff

The English Mastín is a great race of dog of the general type Mastín or Moloso.She is one of the heaviest races; a male Mastín can exceed 90 kg. In century eighteen it was described to him of this form: “What the lion is for a cat, thus it is the Mastín compared with a dog.” Being in Britain at times that go back to the Roman invasion, English the Mastín nobleman probably was brought to the island by Phoenician retailers as early as in century sixth A.C. Since then, the Mastín had been used like a gladiator in sands of the Romans, the bloody sport battle against bulls, bears and other dogs, thus also like guardians of flocks, bodyguard, protectors and companions.

A Mastín I arrive at America in the Mayflower boat and subsecuentememte other dogs were concerned. For the aim of World War II, the Mastínes was almost extinct of England.

Nevertheless, with fresh imports of the United States and Canada, the race this good established in England and has gained popularity in North America again.