The Mioritic sheepdog is a rather large breed among the sheepdogs. This breed originated in Romania in the Carpathian mountains. A full grown Mioritic sheepdog is about 65-85 cms tall and is about 50-65 kgs heavy. This breed of sheepdog has a very large body that is abundantly covered with thick, fluffy and long hair. The coat is usually seen in a light colour. These dogs have a large head with abroad skull and a strong muzzle. The nose of this breed is black, broad and well developed. They have triangular ears that are not very big. The eyes are usually oval in a hazel or amber colour. These dogs have a rather muscular neck of a medium length. The body is rectangular with a muscled, broad and firm back. The chest is not very broad but pronounced none the less. They have very broad shoulders with massive elbows.

The coat of the Mioritic sheepdog is abundantly filled with long hair that is consistent all over the body. Their long hair extends to the head and feet as well. They have a double layered coat with a smooth and dense undercoat and a rough, long and wavy topcoat. The coat is usually seen in a pale gray, white or light cream with patches of the same color sometimes present. The ears and tails of these dogs is permitted to be cropped, although is not necessarily preferred. The Mioritic sheepdog is a very disciplined. This is one of its main admirable characteristics.

The Mioritic sheepdog is very well mannered and calm. They are very attached to their owners and are hence very protective of them as well. They are balanced, Vivid, vigilant and alert. This breed of dog is rather courageous and completely fearless. This breed makes and excellent herd dog. These dogs make amazing pets. They are very obedient and make excellent guard dogs. The Mioritic sheepdog is very fond of children and is capable of forming deep bonds with them. These dogs are easily trained. They are dominant but once trained are very obedient. They require a firm trainer but lots of love from their family. These dogs should be trained as puppies only once they are familiar with their surroundings and trainers.

These dogs need lots of space to run around and be free. They require ample exercise in the form of a brisk jog or walk. They will appreciate a large yard to run around in. These dogs are very playful and enjoy running, fetching and playing with a Frisbee. These dogs can be left without a leash in a protected area. The Mioritic sheepdog will live for about 12-14 years. These dogs are rather low maintenance even with their long hair. The dog should be given a bath regularly and trim occasionally. The coat does not need to be brushed everyday but an occasional brushing will prove beneficial. This breed sheds a minimal amount of hair. They will prefer living in slightly cooler regions.