HEIGHT: 23-24 inches minimum
COAT: Medium, thick, double coat
COLOR: Any color
OTHER NAMES: Northeastern Sleigh Dog
GROUP: Northern

Six races belong to this group: Siberian Laika West Siberian Laika East, European and Russian Laika Karel Finnish Laika, Laika Transportation northeasterly and Nenets Laika grazing. The first four dogs are hunting bears, elk, forest birds, which are also occasionally used to pull sleds, one is a herding dog (who can also pull sleds) and a, Transport Laika is a pure sled dogs.

They all have a tick-resistant layer with the woolly undercoat, a very strong and muscular neck and tail feathers that is folded over the back when the dog is working.

Laika all breeds are very affectionate and loyal to their owners, sometimes to the point of being a man-dog. They are wary of strangers and can be boisterous and noisy, which makes them particularly unsuited to live in an apartment. They are very hardy and can survive in the worst conditions, even when administered at a glance.