COUNTRY: Great Britain
WEIGHT: 11-12 pounds
HEIGHT: 10 inches
COAT: Hard and wiry
COLOR: Red to wheaten
GROUP: Terrier

The Norwich Terrier or Terrier de Norwich is a dog that officially receives its name of the city of where he is original: Norwich, England. It is to terrier of smallest since its height is of maximum 25 cm to the cross and its weight is among 5 and 5,5 kilos. They are difficult to raise since the childbirths tend to be by Caesarean. Its mantle is double and can be of red color, red wheat, black fire or salt and pepper (grayish). They present/display a enduring character, cheers and affectionate being peculiar for nature. An advantage is that they are not dogs that tend to show to aggressiveness or pendencieros. Originally they were bred to hunt animal of madriguera but nowadays one has become excellent animal of company.